2014-01-12 12:22:56 by RimKeLLo

It seems that I forgot all the basics. Too soon decided to work with colours.

So i need to spend more time on the foundation.

And i decide to make some challenge for myself. I'll try to make 1000 of bodyshapes and 1000 pic of every bodyparts. I hope to make it in proportions 1/4 - 1 from ref 3 from imaginations.

Good luck to everyone =^.^=

artistic block

2013-12-09 13:59:58 by RimKeLLo

A week ago i show my drawings to group of people from game industry. And you know what? Yes they've given me absolutely honest feedback. So i'm fully crushed... But it's mean only one - i must work more. Much more. And i must workout my style.

I just wonder if copying the other artist's style helps me to study. Will it help to draw more freely, without thinking about drawing after all practices?

in such times i just - ahh well.  - There is a dreams, that never comes to be truth.

what to do next?

2013-10-27 15:46:24 by RimKeLLo

Not so much time left to the end of year.
And it's a right time to think about future. I mean, to think about the goals i want to reach in next year. By comon words - i want to improve my art skills.
And my first step for this goal will be a studying of anatomy. And i must say, that i'm realy greatful for all those materials in world web. =^.^=

what to do next?

Finally i'm back

2013-09-24 16:44:38 by RimKeLLo

It's a long time without drawing.
And finally i heard about Jazza's Challenge of the Month. And you just dont believe it - i got inspiration.
And yes i know that this drawing looks like plagiary - i'm ashamed. No wait... i'm actualy proud, cuz i like result.

Finally  i'm back

New opportunity to improve.

2013-07-14 12:30:25 by RimKeLLo

I'm Rim Kello, and i want to be an artist.
Because i am beginner in art, i will be glad for any critique that will help me to improve my work.
I hope that as part of the community, I'll draw near to my goal