artistic block

2013-12-09 13:59:58 by RimKeLLo

A week ago i show my drawings to group of people from game industry. And you know what? Yes they've given me absolutely honest feedback. So i'm fully crushed... But it's mean only one - i must work more. Much more. And i must workout my style.

I just wonder if copying the other artist's style helps me to study. Will it help to draw more freely, without thinking about drawing after all practices?

in such times i just - ahh well.  - There is a dreams, that never comes to be truth.


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2013-12-14 03:27:14

Art is all about practice, I bet those abstract painters even practice spitting paint. Take their critiques and feedback for progression. Practice or study, however you feel comfortable. Or step out of a comfort zone, it can be liberating. Throw on some of your favorite tunes and wing it.


2013-12-28 00:27:25

Don't give up man, you've got a lot talent already!


2013-12-29 23:33:25

Thanks a lot guys.
It seems that my worst enemy is my laziness.
However i have a vacation in january, so i decide to fill my visual library ^^